Welcome to nlec.info. This is the web site of the Newburyport Learning Enrichment Center.

It’s brand new as of February 16th, 2017. Check back as we build it up.

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The Newburyport Learning Enrichment Center is located in Newburyport’s public housing project for families at Kelleher Park. We work within the schools and with nearly every social service organization in the area.  We started by providing tutoring and mentoring for children in public housing. That work continues with our after-school Homework Club three times each week, and evening programs.

Our programs have grown to offer everything from nutrition to weaving to financial literacy for parents.  Our focus is helping people confront and overcome obstacles to an education and thereby break the cycle of poverty

We’re sponsored by the Newburyport Public Schools through the Office of the Superintendent, in collaboration with the City of Newburyport through its Youth Commission, the Newburyport Police Department and the Newburyport Housing Authority.

NLEC began by serving 42 households at Kelleher Park, with approximately 50 children. The NLEC now offers services to families and students residing in low income housing throughout Newburyport and people living in emergency housing.

In any given year, 35 students receive Tutor/Mentor services. This is our core program in which students meet with a tutor/mentor twice a week for one hour. The center also recruited twelve new tutor/mentors volunteered this year alone!